Chemical Reagent & Supplies

Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the largest Chemical Reagent suppliers in Singapore. We offer all types of microbiological culture media, stains, Reagents, Laboratory chemicals, organic and inorganic solvents in Singapore. We have also offered a wide range of Chemical Reagent to fulfill the laboratory needs of our valuable customers. Don’t forget view our other categories also.

Chemical Reagent Products

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  • Culture Media Bases

    Culture Media Bases

    These Culture Media Bases include a variety of raw materials like agars, beef extract, bile salts, gelatin, casein hydrolysates, liver extracts, malt extract, meat extract, meat infusion, peptones, special peptones, tryptones, tryptose and yeast extract etc.

  • Dehydrated Culture Media

    Dehydrated Culture Media

    Iscientific Pte Ltd., supplies greater than 1000 different  Dehydrated Culture Media formulations in dehydrated form for the convenience of the laboratorian and bioprocessing specialist. These formulations are improved to provide more consistent, superior test results than earlier versions.

  • Laboratory Reagents

    Laboratory Reagents

    Laboratory Reagents are “substances or compounds that are added to a system in order to bring about a chemical reaction or are added to see if a reaction occurs.” Some reagents are just a single element. However, most processes require reagents made of chemical compounds.

  • Sporicidin

    Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution Antifungal