Clean Room Equipment & Supplies

Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the largest Clean Room Equipment Suppliers in Singapore. We have offered a wide range of Clean Room Equipment Supplies to fulfill the laboratory needs of our valuable customers. Don’t forget view our other categories also.

Clean Room Equipment Supplies

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  • Air Showers Softwall

    Air Showers Soft wall

    clean room air showers are designed to effectively and efficiently remove surface contamination from both people and products. Our clean room air showers are constructed of cold rolled steel with a white, baked enamel finish. The clean room air shower unit is shipped in five easy to assemble pieces.

  • Cleanroom Apparels

    Clean Room Apparels

    Our prestigious clients can avail a broad gamut of Protective Clothing such as ESD cum Clean Room Apparels known as bunny suit or overalls that are designed to maintain totally dust poof environment in the clean rooms.

  • Clean Room Chair

    Clean Room Chair

    The Clean Room Chair is an innovative, patent pending design with features like clean room compatibility and optional static control. The polypropylene Clean Room Chair are perfect for the lab, clean rooms or areas that require combination clean room/static control performance. The chairs also include a UV inhibitor and antimicrobial properties that make them a great fit in areas where bacteria can cause problems.

  • Clean Room Sticky Mats

    Clean Room Sticky Mats

    Sticky mats feature 30 layers of adhesive film and the bottom of the mat has an adhesive to stick the mat to the floor. This mat is designed to be used on hard and flat surfaces like concrete, wood, tile, etc. When stuck to the floor the mat won’t slip and doesn’t leave behind sticky residue upon removal.

  • Clean Room Swabs

    Clean Room Swabs

    Cleanroom and Industrial Swabs provide precision surface cleaning, surface sampling validation, TOC validation, and the application of lubricants or other liquids within clean room and other controlled environments.


  • Clean Room Trash Bags

    Clean Room Trash Bags

    These Clean Room Trash Bags are a convenient way to hold refuse or other items for removal from a sterile area. These rugged bags are supplied sterile in easy-to-open pouches and eliminate the need to sterilize or sanitize refuse containers or bags prior to bringing them into the controlled environment. GEPCO’s trash bags are sterilized in lots using ethylene oxide gas sterilization. Each pouch includes a lot number for traceability.

  • Cleanroom Wipes

    Clean Room Wipes

    Cleanroom Wipes do for surfaces what cleanroom HEPA filters do for the air by effectively picking up wet and dry contaminants and holding them for disposal.

    List of cleanroom wipes include; Polyester Wipes, Poly-Cellulose Wipes, Presaturated Wipes, Cotton Wipes, Nylon Wipes, Sponge/Foam Wipes etc.

  • ESD Antistatic Grid Tapes

    ESD Antistatic Grid Tapes / Clean Room Tapes

    Conductive Grid Tapes are three layer tapes that have a conductive grid buried between two static dissipating co-polymer substrates. They provide an anti-static non-sparking surface on both the inside and the outside that will not shed, crack, chip or rub off.

  • Eye Wash Station

    Eye Wash Station

    The Eye Wash Station contains one 16 oz. eye wash bottle. Take advantage of a high-visibility backplate and included mounting hardware for emergency eyewash wherever it is needed. Eye Wash Station has a 3 year and is an inexpensive way to respond to eye related accidents.

  • Face Mask

    Face Mask

    Provide high bacteria filtration and protect against the impact of body fluids with Spectrum Chemical’s selection of Face Masks, including dust masks, respirator masks, latex-free cone masks, and more.