Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the largest  environmental monitoring equipment supplier in Singapore. We have offered a wide range of Environmental Monitors to fulfill the laboratory needs of our valuable customers.We also give environmental monitoring equipment for rent. View our Rental Service also.

Environmental Monitoring Equipment Products

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  • Alnor 6200 LoFlo Balometer Air Volume Instrument with Capture Hood

    Alnor 6200 LoFlo Balometer Air Volume Instrument

    Alnor 6200 LoFlo Balometer Air Volume Instrument with Capture Hood is the best method for measuring very low volumetric supply or return flows in the 10 to 500cfm (17 to 850 m3/h) range. Alnor 6200 features a 16in x 16in x 8in capture hood.

  • Digital LCD Display CFM Thermo Anemometer Infrared Thermometer


    Digital LCD Display Anemometer uses conventional angled vane arms with low-friction ball bearings and an NTC-type thermistor for accurate, speedy readings (1/sec).

    It measures air velocity, air flow, and temperature.

  • CO2 Meter

    CO2 Meter

    CO2  METER / TEMP / RH DATA LOGGER can be used for measuring CO2 concentration, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity. The CO2  METER / TEMP / RH DATA LOGGER continuously shows carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity levels so you can monitor the quality of air in your home, office or indoor greenhouse

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    DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge Manometer

    iScientific Pte Ltd offers DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge Manometer  for rent and sale in Singapore. Manometer use to measure differential pressure in rooms.

  • Differential Air Pressure Meter Manometer

    Differential Air Pressure Meter Manometer

    HT-1890 Portable LCD Digital Gauge Differential Air Pressure Meter Manometer is a professional instrument to measure gauge & differential pressure in the ranges of ±13.79 kPa / ±2 psi / ±55.4 H2O. Gauge pressure is the pressure values zero-referenced against ambient air pressure while differential pressure is the difference in pressure between two points.

  • Dritech HT-500 Dehumidifier


    IScientific Pte Ltd., has also offers a wide range of high quality DRITECH HT-500 – DEHUMIDIFIER at affordable prices in Singapore. 

    IScientific Pte Ltd., has also offers DRITECH HT-500 – DEHUMIDIFIER for rental basis at affordable prices in Singapore. Click here to View Now.

  • Retrotec-DU200

    Duct Leakage Testing Equipment

    iScientific Pte Ltd offers Duct Leakage Testing equipment Retrotec DU200 to measure air duct leakage. The air duct leakage testing equipment or system includes a calibrated fan, a digital dual-channel pressure gauge, and a Flex Duct with flange to attach the fan to a register. Systems also include a hard-sided fan case, an AC adaptor for the gauge, and a roll of Grill Mask.

  • 8533-Desktop-DRX

    DustTrak DRX Aerosol Monitor 8533

    Real-time dust monitoring takes a giant leap forward!! Only the DustTrak DRX Aerosol Monitor 8533 can simultaneously measure both mass and size fraction – no other monitor can do both.  The DustTrak DRX desktop monitor is a battery operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometers that gives you real-time aerosol mass readings. It uses a sheath air system that isolates the aerosol in the optics chamber to keep the optics clean for improved reliability and low maintenance.

  • DustTrak Environmental Enclosure 8535

    DustTrak Environmental Enclosure 8535

    The portable, custom designed, weatherproof DustTrak Environmental Enclosure 8535 protects the DustTrak II and DRX Aerosol Monitor Models 8530, 8530EP, 8533 and 8533EP.  This environmental enclosure allows you to make the same accurate and precise measurements outdoors or in harsh industrial environments.

  • fluke-975-airmeter

    Fluke 975 AirMeter IAQ Monitor

    The Fluke 975 AirMeter test tool raises indoor air monitoring to the next level by combining five powerful tools in one, rugged and easy-to-use handheld device. Use the Fluke 975 to optimize HVAC ventilation settings for ASHRAE 62 recommendations, to actively monitor conditions that promote a productive environment, and quickly and accurately address occupant comfort complaints the first time. The Fluke 975 measures:
    • Temperature
    • Velocity
    • Humidity
    • CO2
    • CO