Equipment Sales

IAQ Environmental Monitoring Equipment Supplier: We offer air monitoring equipment, indoor air quality testing equipment and Meters for environmental testing.

Iscientific not only supplies air monitoring equipment , but also gives offers equipment maintenance and calibration services.
For more information, Please click on the specific instruments:
Air Sampling – Meters for direct reading and continuous air quality monitoring such as IAQ Meter, Particle Counter, TSI 9565, Probe 982, Probe 964, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity Meter, MiniRAE 3000 VOC Meter, Sound Level Meter and Lux or Light Meter, Anemometer or Air Velocity Meter, Formaldehyde Meter, Ozone meter etc
Gas Detectors – Handheld or fixed, single or multi-gas monitors. We also offer gas meters for personal protection, confined space and industrial hygiene.

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