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Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the largest Laboratory Glassware suppliers in Singapore. We also offers a wide range of Laboratory Glassware to fulfill the laboratory needs of our valuable customers. Don’t forget view our other categories also.

Laboratory Glassware Products

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  • Beakers


    Our Beakers, with spout, are manufactured with uniform wall thickness and offer optimum balance between thermal and mechanical shock. All Science Beakers have large, graduated, metric scale to indicate approximate content. Beakers have marking spots which are easy to write on when labeling

  • burette


    Burette, also spelled Buret, laboratory apparatus used in quantitative chemical analysis to measure the volume of a liquid or a gas. It consists of a graduated glass tube with a stopcock (turning plug, or spigot) at one end.

  • Conical Flask

    Conical Flask

    Conical Flask With easy-to-read scale and large labeling field for easy marking in fired-on, highly durable, white ceramic. Due to conical form, suited to the mixing of liquids. Uniform wall thickness distribution makes these flasks ideal for heating applications. The wide neck enables easy filling and cleaning.

  • desiccators


    Desiccators are seal-able enclosures containing desiccants used for preserving moisture-sensitive items such as cobalt chloride paper for another use. A common use for desiccators is to protect chemicals which are hygroscopic or which react with water from humidity

  • Glass Funnel

    Glass Funnel

    A Glass Funnel is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem. It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Without a funnel, spillage would occur. Funnels are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum, glass, or plastic.

  • Glass Pipettes

    Glass Pipettes

    A Glass pipettes is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser. Pipettes come in several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision, from single piece glass pipettes to more complex adjustable or electronic pipettes.

  • Glass Test Tubes

    Glass Test Tubes

    Glass round bottom test tubes are packaged for your convenience in easy-to-open, easy-to-use bulk packs. They are made of borosilicate glass to reduce pH changes and contaminants potentially leached from soda-lime glass.

  • Measuring cylinders

    Measuring Cylinders

    Keep your lab work precise with Measuring cylinders! They’re useful tools for measuring liquid chemicals and other fluid preparations. We offer graduated cylinders ranging in size from a tiny 10 ml to large 1000 ml. They are made of acid-resistant glass or else durable polypropylene or polystyrene.

  • Sterile Petri Dishes

    Petri Dishes

    Petri Dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where accurate bacterial count or microscopic examination is required. Molded from virgin polystyrene, these dishes provide distortion-free visibility. Engineered for optimum flatness to provide uniform agar thickness.

  • Reagent Bottles

    Reagent Bottles

    We manufacture excellent quality Reagent Bottles made from optimum quality fine grade glass material. These reagent bottles are used for storing chemicals safely and for longer period. Buyers can avail reagent bottles from us in various sizes that too at affordable prices. Our company has become one of the reputed manufacturer and exporter of reagent bottles in the country.