Laboratory Glassware & Supplies

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  • Round Bottom Flask

    Round Bottom Flask

    Round Bottom Flask offered is made available by us under model GI-5371 flasks that finds usage for boiling applications and comes with round bottom support. These find application in scientific laboratories and can be offered in different shapes and sizes.

  • Separatory Funnel

    Separatory Funnel

    Separatory Funnel, conical pear shaped, is made of heat resistant Borosilicate Glass with PTFE Stopcock and Ground Glass Stopper. Stopcocks do not require expensive lubricant therefore reducing the risk of contamination and freezing.

  • Thermometers


    Laboratory thermometers are devices used to measure temperature. There are many types of lab thermometers such as differential, mechanical, logging, etc. Laboratory thermometers are progressively providing digital reading displays and are input-capable to computer and software programs for logging purposes.