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Dehumidifier Rental and Supplier Singapore

Product Description

Dehumidifier Rental Supplier Singapore: We are the suppliers of Dehumidifier in Singapore. We offer portable small dehumidifier, refrigerant Dehumidifier, Industrial Dehumidifier, & ceiling mount dehumidifier.

Household dehumidifier

Controlling the moisture in indoor air is important to create healthy environment. High relative humidity in indoor air can encourage mold growth and booklice to thrive. Our dehumidifiers keep the indoor space below 60% RH.

Basement or ceiling dehumidifier

The DryDuty has been specifically designed to remove moisture from the air to control humidity in basement and above ceiling areas. DryDuty dehumidifiers are designed for tropical climate as in Singapore. This ensures your facility’s performance criteria, as well as protects wall, ceiling and other interior surfaces.

This dehumidifier is particularly designed for confined spaces like above ceiling areas, basement, storage and processing rooms etc.

Commercial Building dehumidifier

Our wall mounted DryDuty dehumidifiers are an excellent choice for any commercial property which experiences excessive moisture and mold damages.

DryDuty dehumidifiers are designed for removing moisture from indoor air at a low temperature and humidity level. Dehumidifier continuously drains out the water into the drain/sink.

We install and service commercial dehumidifiers according to the indoor space and RH requirements.

Dehumidifier Installation

When you find that your existing air conditioning unit is inefficient in removing moisture, you need to find an alternate Relative Humidity (RH) or moisture control system.

With our many years of experience in fixing moisture and mold problem in indoor, we have the right equipment and troubleshooting experience you need.

Each facility and its air conditioning system are different, so you may require a specific size of dehumidification system depending on your RH level.

Our engineers will help you determine which dehumidification system will work best in your premise.

HVAC Engineers DryDuty dehumidifier is a best option to control relative humidity indoor. Below is the list of benefits installing DryDuty dehumidifier at your facility.

Continuously control the Relative Humidity in indoor:

When the air con cools the temperature, it also removes moisture from the supply air. When the air conditioning system is switched off, the RH will rise. Our dehumidifier continues remove moisture 24/7 and keeps the RH low.

Prevent moisture damage of building materials:

Elevated level of relative humidity in the air can cause damage to interior surfaces and other fixtures and furniture. Our dehumidification system could keep your interior surfaces dry and save from the repairs.

Prevent from mold growth: 

Relative humidity levels above 70% encourage the growth of mold and tiny insects. By keeping the indoor air and surfaces dry you can prevent their proliferation.

Installation at the hidden area:

We install the dehumidifiers out of view areas and doesn’t take up the interior spaces like portable ones. Our unit able to control the relative humidity in a large area.

If you have any queries about the dehumidifier, or if you’d like a supply air duct cleaning service in your office or home, contact us at



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