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Rent Formaldehyde Meter

iScientific offers formaldehyde Meter for rental in Singapore. Formaldehyde monitor from PPM Technology use to read formaldehyde in the air.

Product Description

iScientific offers formaldehyde Meter for rental in Singapore. The advanced direct read formaldehyde monitor from PPM Technology. The Formaldemeter 400 is an ultra compact, truly hand held instrument that can provide a rapid indication of hazardous airborne formaldehyde levels at the touch of a button.

The Formaldemeter 400 offers a simple way to monitor levels of airborne formaldehyde in the workplace. The instrument has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, being operated via a simple four button keypad and featuring an easy-to-read four-digit display. The Formaldemeter 400 uses a well proven electrochemical formaldehyde sensor that will provide an immediate indication of atmospheric formaldehyde levels.

Unlike other formaldehyde monitoring devices such as colour stain tubes and badges, the Formaldemeter 400 is capable of measuring many samples consecutively without the need for inconvenient ancillary equipment. Real time results also mean that potential over exposures can be identified as they occur, without the delay associated with laboratory analysis. A formaldehyde calibration standard is included in the Formaldemeter 400 Kit that enables the user to check and adjust calibration in the field at the touch of a button:
Hold the instrument in the atmosphere to be analysed.
Depress the SAMPLE button.
The formaldehyde concentration is displayed in parts-per-million (ppm) in approximately 8 seconds.


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