L-shaped Cell Spreader

L-shaped Cell Spreader

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Product Description

L-shaped Cell Spreader

  1. L-shaped cell spreaders are ideal for spreading bacterial cultures evenly
  2. The L-shape allows application on the entire Petri dish or plate surface
  3. Smooth spreading surface with slight upward return reduces the risk of damaging agar sample
  4. Spreaders are manufactured of high impact ABS, eliminating the need for flaming or autoclaving
C/N Desc. of Item Sterility Inner packing Case Qty.
42111 L-shaped cell spreader, Blue EO 1/peel bag 3000
42112 L-shaped cell spreader, Blue EO 5/peel bag,100bags/box 3000
42113 L-shaped cell spreader, Blue EO 10/peel bag,50bags/box 3000


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