Microtubes, Safe-lock Cap

Iscientific has offer Microtubes, Safe-lock Cap with very high quality throughout singapore. Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the best Microtubes, Safe-lock Cap supplier in Singapore

Product Description

Microtubes, Safe-lock Cap

1. Manufactured from robust virgin-polypropylene, clarity for better visual inspection
2. Safe-lock tubes provide outstanding stability, perfect sealing and protection from evaporation and accidental opening
3. Flat cap with a beveled edge comfortable for opening and closing
4. Frosted writing area on tube for labeling and writing
5. Clear molded graduations on tube
6. Flat top with a writable surface
7. Mixed color tubes have color coded insert on cap, the rest of tube is natural
8. Autoclavable
9. RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free available upon required

Cat. No. type Unit Sterility
36100N 0.5ml,molded graduations 1000/zip bag,10bags/case Non-
36200N 1.5ml,molded graduations 500/zip bag,20bags/case Non-
36300N 2.0ml,molded graduations 500/zip bag,10bags/case Non-


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