Reversible Rack for Microtubes

Reversible Rack for Microtubes,60-well and 96-well

Iscientific has offer Reversible Rack for Microtubes,80-well with very high quality throughout singapore. Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the best Reversible Rack for Microtubes,80-well supplier in Singapore

Product Description

Reversible Racks for Microtube,Polypropylene 60-well and 96-well

  1. Manufactured in Heavy-duty Polypropylene
  2. One side is designed to hold 1.5ml/2.0ml tubes,the other side holds 0.5ml/0.7ml tubes
  3. Racks are molded numbered on the surface for easy samples identification
  4. Idea for Freezing.Temperature range-80? to 121?.Suitable for autoclaving at 121?
C/N Desc. of Item Sterility Inner packing Case Qty.
91660B double side, 60-well N.S. 5/shrink pack 50
91696B double side, 96-well N.S. 5/shrink pack 50


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