Specimen Bag with Document Wallet

Specimen Bag with Document Wallet

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Product Description

Specimen Bag with Document Wallet

1.Manufactured from LDPE assures superior clarity.

  1. Designed for the safe transportation of samples and documents.

3.Grip seal bag to hold samples with attached separate document wallet in order to avoid any possible contamination of documents.

4.Available in plain or printed with Biohazard Symbol.

5.Own labelling upon requested.


C/N Desc. of Item Sterility Inner packing Case Qty.
66200 140x150x200mm,clear,Printed N.S. 100/bag 1000
66201 140x150x200mm,clear,Plain N.S. 100/bag 1000
66300 225x150x200mm,clear,Printed N.S. 100/bag 1000
66301 225x150x200mm,clear,Plain N.S. 100/bag 1000


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