Urine Specimen Containers

Urine Specimen Containers, Screw Cap,4OZ/120ml

Iscientific has offer Urine Specimen Containers, Screw Cap,3OZ/90ml with very high quality throughout singapore. Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the best Urine Specimen Containers, Screw Cap,3OZ/90ml supplier in Singapore

Product Description

Microbiology/Urinalysis Specimen Containers, Screw Cap,4OZ/120ml

  1. Manufactured from virgin polypropylene.All materials are non-cytotoxic
  2. Cap Material :HDPE
  3. Ideal for microbiology/urinalysis/histology specimens collection and transportation in harsh conditions
  4. A Dual-thread polyethylene cap provides a leak-resistant seal
  5. Containers are crack-resistant from 90cm high from the land
  6. Meets 95KPa transportation guidelines
  7. Top and bottom grippingĀ  assures easy opening and closing when wearing gloves
  8. Molded-in Graduatation markings on three sides
  9. Available in different cap colors for visibility or coding
C/N Desc. of Item Sterility Inner packing Case Qty.
23220 Security Tab Label N.S. Bulk 300
23221 Security Tab Label EO 1/Flow pack 100
23224 No Label N.S. Bulk 300
23225 No Label EO 1/Flow pack 100


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