Weighing Boats

Weighing Boats

Iscientific has offer Specimen Bag with Document Wallet with very high quality throughout singapore. Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the best Specimen Bag with Document Wallet supplier in Singapore

Product Description

Weighing Boats

1.Runlab weighing boats manufactured in high impact polystyrene and are ideal for handling both liquids and solids.

2.Rounded corners provide for easy removal of powered and granular samples.

3.Recesses at the corners facilitate controlled pour-off.

  1. Available in both white and black , a choice of sizes to suit your specific needs.


C/N Desc. of Item Sterility Inner packing Case Qty.
93104 Non-antistatic,7ml,44x44mm,Square, White N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 25000
93105 Non-antistatic,7ml,44x44mm,Square, Black N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 25000
93102 Non-antistatic, 100ml,80x80mm,Square, White N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 10000
93103 Non-antistatic, 100ml,80x80mm,Square, Black N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 10000
93100 Non-antistatic, 250ml,140x140mm,Square, White N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 4000
93101 Non-antistatic, 250ml,140x140mm,Square, Black N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 4000
93110 Non-antistatic, 5ml,55x35mm,Diamond, White N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 30000
93111 Non-antistatic,5ml,55x35mm,Diamond, Black N.S. 250/bag,4bags/box 30000
93108 Non-antistatic,30ml,85x65mm,Diamond, White N.S. 250/bag,2bags/box 5000
93109 Non-antistatic,30ml,85x65mm,Diamond, Black N.S. 250/bag,2bags/box 5000
93106 Non-antistatic,100ml,125x100mm,Diamond, White N.S. 125/bag,2bags/box 1500
93107 Non-antistatic,100ml,125x100mm,Diamond, Black N.S. 125/bag,2bags/box 1500


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