Gas Monitoring

Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the largest  Gas Monitoring supplier in Singapore. A device that detects presence of gas have significant part of in an enclosed environment and people’s health. It can be used to detect gas leakage or other emissions through the sensors in the device. Common sensors includes gas sensors, photoionization detectors, electrochemical gas sensors and semi-conductor sensors.  Gas leakage may be hazardous and could harm people in the enclosed area. Painting, fumigation, fuel filling, construction and more could be the causes of the emission of gas and fumes.

The sensors that detect and measure threats from toxic gas and radioactivity are the heart of monitoring systems. Brands like RAE systems are popular in the industry and it has lead the industry with field-proven sensitivity, effectiveness, reliability, and real time information delivery. With sensors specifically designed for chemicals and VOCs as well as other detection of gases, RAE systems are widely used internationally as a reliable monitoring system.

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