Auto Clave

An autoclave applies both heat and pressure to the workload placed inside of it. Typically, there are two classes of autoclave. Those pressurized with steam process workloads which can withstand exposure to water, while circulating heated gas provides greater flexibility and control of the heating atmosphere.


Autoclaves operate from a single phase power supply and require no plumbing; ideal for a busy laboratory environment

‘Classic’ and ‘Autofill’ models are available.

Classic – The ‘Classic’ version requires the chamber to be manually filled with water before a cycle. Condensate leaving the vessel during a cycle is via a silicone tube which can be connected to a heat resistant bottle.

Autofill – The ‘Autofill’ version has an integral reservoir which can hold water for up to 15 cycles when fully filled. This reservoir also acts as a collection vessel for condensate and the water that is automatically returned from the chamber at the end of each cycle.

The Benchtop Autoclave range features:

  • A fully programmable Controller
  • An electro polished stainless steel chamber
  • A base shelf within the chamber
  • An ultra quick Swiftlock door mechanism
  • A full range of Options & Accessories to meet your exact requirements
  • A self contained design with no installation required – just fill it with water and plug it in and the machine is ready to be used
  • A pulsed-heat drying system, which is adjustable in 5 minute steps (available when running a non-fluid cycle. Not suitable for drying fabrics or porous loads). Available on Autofill models only.


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