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Desiccant dehumidifier supplier


Desiccant Dehumidifier Supplier Singapore: iScientific Pte Ltd supplies Industrial Desiccant Rotary Dehumidifier for use in Marine yard, vessel, warehouse, and Cold Room. We offer sale and rental of  Desiccant dehumidifiers according to the indoor space and RH requirements.

• Equipped with an electric PTC regeneration heating
• Strong and robust construction with 1.2mm thickness
• Double layers heater box, Rock wool, Armstrong insulation is used to avoid heat loss and condensation
• Customized filters, G4 efficiency
• Auto stop protection function for Rotor
• Delay time protection circuit & fault locater system.

• Cold rooms
• Shipbuilding industry, Onboard vessel, Shipyard
• Storage and Preservation
• HVAC system
• Garage/Parking
• Cellars
• Archives/Museum

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