Fungal Incubator

Fungal Growth Incubator is designed for environmental protection with constant and accurate temperature and humidity control function. It is equipped with an advanced PID control technology and a unique air duct design that ensures excellent temperature uniformity.


Fungal Incubator is widely applicable in biological engineering and water analysis field, etc. It is also used for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, livestock farming, scientific research institutes, etc.

Product Features:

• Mirror finished stainless steel inner chamber

• Double door with magnetically sealed outer door

• Inner chamber equipped with a lightning device for easier observation

• Built-in socket and adjustable shelf

• Unique air duct circulation system ensures temperature uniformity

• Large capacity humidifier enables automatic water intake function

• UV sterilization lamp ensures bacteria-free working chamber

• Programmable microcomputer based PID controller

• LCD display

• Touch-button operation with timer function

• Fluorine-free R134a refrigerant

• Equipped with compressor providing stable and long lasting operation

• Balanced refrigeration, low temperature fluctuation, auto-defrost function

• Multiple safety function, delay protection function

• Over-temperature alarm function


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