Room Leakage Testing – Blower Door Test

Room Leakage Testing – Blower Door Test. iScientific offers room leakage testing – Blower door test services and equipment for rental in affordable price. Contact us at for more information.


 Room Leakage Testing – Blower Door Test

iScientific offers room leakage testing – Blower door test services and equipment for rental in affordable price. Minneapolis Bower Door is one of the few essential tools for anyone evaluating room leakage testing, building energy loss or air tightness, the Minneapolis Blower Door from The Energy Conservatory has long been the industry standard. Used to evaluate room air leakage, estimate energy loss, help locate holes in the building envelope, and identify construction defects, the blower door has become one of the cornerstones of scientific building evaluation. The Minneapolis Blower Door is in wide use by home performance contractors, ACMV companies, room leakage testing companies, energy auditors and raters, builders, and insulation contractors. It has quite simply changed the way we think of great buildings.

  • Quick and accurate flow measurements from 300 to 6,300 CFM. Optional rings C, D and E will measure down to 11 CFM.
  • Powerful 3/4 hp motor provides continuous flow for testing and air sealing work.
  • DG-700 Pressure and Flow Gauge contains 2 precision pressure sensors to provide simultaneous display of both building pressure and Blower Door fan flow readings.
  • Auto-zeroing of both channels eliminates sensitivity to orientation and temperature.
  • Specialized 50 and 25 Pa test modes make it simple to conduct one-point airtightness tests of buildings and duct systems. Test results can be displayed in CFM or square inches of leakage area.
  • Cruise 75, 50, 25 and 0 Pa building pressure without connection to a computer. The Cruise Control feature automatically adjusts the speed of the Blower Door fan to maintain a constant building pressure while you perform additional diagnostics or air-sealing procedures.
  • Four separate time-averaging modes (1, 5, 10 second and long-term) allow you to accurately measure fluctuating pressures.
  • “Baseline” feature allows the user to measure and record a baseline pressure reading, and then display the baseline adjusted reading.
  • The DG-700 can be used along with a computer and specialized TEC software: TECTITE to conduct automated Blower Door tests; and TECLOG for data logging of pressure measurements from both channels.
  • The DG-700 has both a USB and a serial cable port for connection to your computer.



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