Iscientific Ptd Ltd is one of the leading lab eqipment supplier based on the singapore. We play an important role as the main laboratory or biological resourse company providing the needs of its clients in Singapore.



Iscientific provides a best and well care customer service to meet all the customer needs and responding to all the enquiries from our valuable clients. Our dedicated team is focused on supporting our customers in laboratories and production facilities around the globe.



Iscientific Pte Ltd is one of the leading lab equipment supplier based on Singapore. We play an important role as the main laboratory/biological resource company providing the needs of its clients in Singapore. Despite so many competitors in the market, we have occupied a secure niche in the industry. Ever growing patronage of the store is the combination of new clients and loyal customers who continue purchasing products from us.


Iscientific is one of the largest laboratory equipment supplier in Singapore. Our mission tells how we put our vision into reality on a daily basis. Our mission is to enable the advancement of science throughout the world. We use process excellence to deliver what we promise, accelerate discovery, improve productivity for our customers and suppliers, and encourage innovation through collaboration.


Our values are embedded into our culture and competencies. We act with integrity, we drive for results by delivering service excellence, and we are successful by working as a team in an open collaborative environment.


My company's go-to for iscientific equipment rentals. The staff is extremely helpful with equipment and flexible with rental times.

James Watson

Great group of people to work with. They are willing to do what it takes to keep their customers happy. I have been working with them for over 2 years.