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Equipment Rental

Iscientific Singapore offers Indoor Air Quality environmental monitoring equipment rental Singapore. We provide rental of environmental testing meters such as IAQ Meter, Particle Counter TSI DustTrak DRX Model 8533, TSI Environmental Enclosure 8535, TSI 9565, Probe 982, Probe 964, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity Meter, MiniRAE 3000 VOC Meter, Sound Level Meter and Lux or Light Meter, Anemometer or Air Velocity Meter, Manometer or Differential Air Pressure Meter, Nuclear Radiation Detector Meter Beta Gamma and X Ray Meter, ELF Gauss meter,Radon Gas Detector, Fluke Ti20 Thermal Imager, Fluke 971 Temperature and Humdity Meter, Formaldehyde Meter, Ozone meter, Vibration Meter, Type 1 Sound Level Meter, etc.
We offer wide range of MultiRAE gas detector system to detect Oxygen, LEL, CO, NO2, SO2, PH3, Ammonia, ClO2, Chlorine, CO2, Ethylene oxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Nitric Oxide, Formaldehyde and H2S.

We also offer Ground Settlement Markers, Wireless Real Time Remote Noise Monitoring System and Vibration System for Construction site.
If you are planing to get a IAQ environmental monitoring equipment for rental, we will offer you all environmental monitoring equipment at affordable price ranges in Singapore.

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