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Environmental Monitoring Equipment Supplier Singapore

Environmental Monitoring Equipment Supplier Singapore: Iscientific offer Environmental Monitoring Equipment, air monitoring equipment, indoor air quality testing equipment and Meters for environmental testing.

Our products ranges from IAQ Meter, Particle Counter, TSI 9565, Probe 982, Probe 964, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity Meter, Dustrak DRX aerosol monitor 8533, MiniRAE 3000 VOC Meter, ToxiRAE meter, CO meter, Sound Level Meter Type 1 and Lux or Light Meter, Anemometer or Air Velocity Meter, Formaldehyde Meter PPM Technology, Ozone meter, Lighthouse Handheld 3016 particle counter, Merck MAS 100 air sampler, ELF meter, moisture meter, protimeter. construction site noise meter NEA approved, vibration meter, ground settlement markers, TSI Balometer air change rate test meter etc
We also offer industrial dehumidifier, commercial dehumidifier, ceiling dehumidifier and household small dehumidifier.

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