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UVC wall mounted hepa air purifier


UVC wall mounted hepa air purifier

iScientific Pte Ltd supplies and install UVC wall mounted hepa air purifier. The filtration process to ensure the best clean air delivery rate.

1. Box: ABS
2. Negative ion: >1 millioncm3,
3. Filtration system: four-layer filtration (primary filtration, activated carbon, cold catalyst, HEPA)
4. In and out air mode: air intake on both sides, top air outlet
5. Ultra long life ball turbofan, dual fan
6. Sterilization UV lamp
7. Wall mounting or ceiling mounting, with infrared remote control, saving space
8. Applicable area: 20m2
9. Power: 220V/50Hz
10. Product size: 334x129x295mm



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