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Testing Services

Environmental Testing Singapore: Iscientific provides indoor outdoor environmental testing services tailored to our customer needs.

Environmental monitoring focuses to evaluate the quality and the effects of the surrounding on the environment. Air quality is measured most often by assessing amounts of chemicals such as CO2, VOCs and formaldehyde and particle counts. Any environmental monitoring or measurement project relies on the equipment used. Whether be it meters and field kits for spot sampling. Others like data loggers are designed for long term monitoring. Data loggers can be used for most of the environmental parameter.

In addition, we provide air change rates, air balancing, pressure differential and air tightness testing. Our engineers are able to discover existing problems in your building, Once identified,  We can provide recommendation to rectify the issue. We have a range of environmental testing equipment for testing and monitoring services.

Our engineers help you create safe, healthy living and working environments.

Contact us for a free estimate and live in the comfortable and healthy environment that you deserve with quality indoor air.

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