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Duct Leakage Test


iScientific Offers Duct Leakage Test in Singapore. Duct leakage refers to the measure of airtightness in ductworks such as Air Handling Units (AHU). Testing are used in places like residential buildings and commercial buildings that have forced air delivery systems.

Purpose of duct leakage testing

  • Ducts that are leaky leads to health, safety and comfort problems and is responsible for about 25% of the total lost in a typical building. Duct leakage testing system has three components: a calibrated fan, a register sealing system, and a device to measure fan flow and building pressure.
  • Duct openings are sealed using adhesive tapes and covers.
  • One end of the duct is left unsealed, and the calibrated fan is connected to it. Pressure is monitored in the ductwork while the calibrated fan delivers air into the system. As air is delivered into the ductwork, pressure builds and forces air out of all of the openings in the various ductwork connections or through the seams and joints of the furnace or air-conditioner.
  • The tighter the ductwork system (e.g. fewer holes), the less air is needed from the fan to create a change in the ductwork pressure. A duct leakage test can be performed by either pressurizing or depressurizing the ductwork.
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