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IMR 1440FL – Exhaust gas analyzer

IMR 1440FL – Exhaust gas analyzer

The exhaust gas analyzer, IMR 1440FL/COFL, is designed to measure exhaust gases of Forklift Trucks, Generators, and heavy Machinery that are powered by a variety of fuels. According to US regulations, the IMR 1440FL/COFL can measure soot and CO for Forklift Trucks.

If state regulations require NOx, the IMR 1440FL/COFL can be equipped with a NOx sensor. The IMR 1440COFL is equipped with two CO sensors. One CO sensor operates in the low range and another CO sensor operates in the high range.

This new model can also measure the exhaust gas pressure before the soot filter. The measurement of the flue gas temperature, oxygen, carbon dioxide and excess air are helpful for diagnostic reasons and the adjustment of the engine to minimize CO emissions.

A flexible probe, which fits in most exhaust pipes, is inserted into the exhaust pipe and a clamp holds it in place. Measuring exhaust gases is not only important to help control pollutants like CO, but it also helps optimizing fuel efficiency and saving operating costs.


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  • Rugged case with additional compartments
  • Hold all accessories in a single case!
  • Menu navigation (Soot, CO or Pressure measurement)
  • Condensation trap with integrated filter
  • 4-line, backlit LCD Display for simultaneous display of 8 values
  • Rechargeable battery with status indicator; up to 6 hours
  • Volume controlled soot measurement with soot paper & soot scale
  • Exhaust gas pressure
  • High speed thermal printer with an easy paper loading system
  • Low CO switch valve with purge pump to protect the low CO-Sensor (IMR1440COFL)
  • Diagnostic program
  • Gas sampling probe with a flexible sheath
  • Manual
  • Power cord

The exhaust gas analyzer IMR 1440FL is designed to measure exhaust gases on Forklift Trucks, Generators, Cars, and heavy Machinery that are powered by Diesel or Gas Engines.

According to regulations it can measure soot on diesel engines and Carbon Monoxide CO on gas powered forklift trucks.

Some worldwide regulations require Nitric Oxides NOx, therefore this analyzer can be equipped with a NOx sensor as well.

  • O2 Oxygen 0 – 20.9 Vol. %
  • CO Carbon Monoxide 0 – 10.000 Vol. %
  • CO Carbon Monoxide 0 – 0.200 Vol. % (IMR 1440COFL)
  • NOx Nitric Oxides 0 – 5,000 ppm (optional)
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide Calculation 0 – CO2 max.
  • TG Flue Temperature -4 °F – 2192°F / -20 – 1200 °C
  • P Exhaust Gas Pressure 0 – 350 hPa
  • SZ Soot Filter Paper 0.1 0 – 9.9
  • Fuels: Diesel, Natural Gas, Propane, Biogas, Gasoline
  • Gas sampling probe: Flexible sheath, length 250mm, hose 3.5m (11.5 ft)
  • Power Supply 120VAC/60Hz 230VAC/50Hz, Rechargeable Battery
  • Dimensions 245 x 185 x 290mm
  • Weight 5.8Kg
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40°C; 10-90% RH non condensing

Other ranges are available upon request.

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. reserves the right to adopt technical modifications without prior notice.

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