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IMR 2800P – Flue gas analyzer

IMR 2800P – Flue gas analyzer

The IMR 2800P is a portable, continuous measuring flue gas analysis instrument housed in an aluminum case.

It measures flue gas  temperature, air  temperature, Oxygen O2, Carbon monoxide CO, Nitric  Oxide NO and Sulfur Dioxide SO2.

It can optionally measure Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, Sulfur Dioxide SO2, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrocarbons HC and much more.

Combustible calculations like Losses, Excess Air and Carbon dioxide CO2 are standard as well as the measurements for Draft and optionally Soot.

  • 23 Fuels are programmed – 4 fuels are free programmable
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Integrated self-check program
  • Simultaneous display parameters on the illuminated display
  • Printer with programmable print out cycles
  • RS232 (DB9/USB)
  • Standard deviation and average value calculation
  • Draft measurement with optional upgrade for differential draft and velocity measured with a Pitot tube
  • Unit selection : ppm – mg/Nm3– mg/Nm3(ref O2)
  • Gas sampling probe E – length 0.8 ft (250mm), hose 8 ft (2.5m)
  • Rechargeable battery with charger
  • Power supply 110V or 230V or 12VDC Power Jack

The IMR 2800P is a portable Flue Gas Analyzer for industrial applications.

The rugged combustion analyzer can be equipped with up to 8 sensors.

Its basic unit has an O2 Oxygen sensor , a CO Carbon Monoxide sensor, a NO Nitric Oxide sensor and a SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor. The other sensors are customer select-able as well as the measuring ranges.

The IMR 2800P measures and calculates all the needed parameters to perform a thorough emission test.

  • TG Flue gas temperature -4°F – 2192°F / 0°C – 1200°C
  • TA Air temperature -4°F – 248°F / 0°C – 120°C
  • O2 Oxygen0-20.9 Vol. %
  • CO Carbon Monoxide (Electrochemical) up to 100,000 ppm
  • CO Carbon Monoxide (NDIR) 0-10/20 Vol.%
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide (Calculated) 0-CO2 max.
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide (NDIR) 0-20 Vol. %
  • NO Nitric Oxide 0-2000 ppm
  • NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide 0- 100 ppm
  • NOx Nitrogen Oxides 0-NOx max.
  • SO2 Sulfur Dioxide 0-4000 ppm
  • H2S Hydrogen Sulfide 0- 200 ppm
  • HC/CH4 Hydrocarbons 0-100% LEL
  • NH3 Ammonia 0-1000/5000 ppm
  • N2O Nitrous Oxide 0-1 Vol. %
  • HCl Hydrogen Chloride 0-200 ppm
  • Cl2 Chlorine 0-5000 ppm
  • H2 Hydrogen 0-10000 ppm
  • Losses / Efficiency Calculation 0-99.9 %
  • Excess Air / Lambda Calculation 1.0-9.99
  • P Draft +/- 40 hPa
  • Velocity with Pitot tube 0-80 m/s
  • Soot Filter paper method 0-9

Other ranges are available upon request.

IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. reserves the right to adopt technical modifications without prior notice.

  • Various gas sensors (e.g. CO2, CH4/HC, N2O NDIR and much more)
  • Prepared for high temperature measurement (up to 2732 °F / 1500 °C)
  • Gas sampling probes with different lengths
  • Soot measurement
  • Pitot Tube (Gas Flow m/s)
  • Additional Instruments: RPM Meter, Soot Meter
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