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Differential Air Pressure Meter Manometer


Iscientific offers DG-700 Differential Air Pressure meter or Pressure and Flow Gauge is a multi-functional differential pressure gauge for rental. In addition to providing high-resolution pressure measurements, the DG-700 is programmed to operate with other Energy Conservatory test devices to provide air flow measurements during building performance test procedures. The DG-700’s simultaneous display of two pressure channels and air flow measurement features make it ideally suited for a wide range of building performance applications including air tightness testing of buildings and duct systems, air handler flow measurements, building depressurization and combustion safety testing.

DG-700 Manometer Features

Simultaneous display of 2 independent differential pressure channels
Bi-directional, precision pressure measurement up to 1,250 Pa (5″ w.c.)
The DG-700 can display pressure readings in both Pascals and inches w.c.
Auto-zeroing of both channels eliminates sensitivity to orientation and temperature, making it perfect for hand-held operation
Four separate time-averaging modes (1, 5, 10 second & long-term) allow you to accurately measure fluctuating pressures
Programmed to display air flow readings for Minneapolis Blower Door and Duct Blaster systems, TrueFlow Air Handler Flow Meter and Exhaust Fan Flow Meter (air flow units can be displayed in cubic feet per minute, cubic meters per hour and litres per second)
“Baseline” feature allows the user to measure and record a baseline pressure reading, and then display the baseline adjusted reading
Specialized @50 and @25 test modes make it simple to conduct one-point airtightness tests of buildings and duct systems
The Cruise Control feature allows you to control a Blower Door fan to maintain a constant 75, 50, 25 or 0 Pa building pressure without connection to a computer


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