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Active Shield+


Active Shield+

All Purpose Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant

When you successfully disinfect a surface, at first these chemicals can kill the microbe growth and keep your surfaces clean. But as time progresses the microbes can mutate and grow on these surfaces rendering the chemical useless. In such case every few hours the surface would be a risk for cross contamination. The disinfection is temporary because as soon as someone touches or coughs around the surface it contaminates. It is important to protect surfaces for longer duration.

Active Shield+ uses a proprietary compound to keep your surface protected 24 hours a day all the compound is not scratched away from the surface. When coated on any surface, super transparent Active Shield+ sticks to applied surface (through a chemical bond) and forms like an invisible crystalline bed of sharp needles. These extremely sharp nano particle sized crystals are insensible to the human touch, however the microbes landing on these coated surfaces will be punctured and killed on contact.

Study on petri dish below shows that microbe grow immediately within a day on the disinfected surface & keep multiplying significantly

Areas of Application

This compound in various forms is widely used for various applications from Facility internal and external features, to ATM, medical equipment, furnitures, automotive/ airliner

1. Reduces the Risk of Cross Contamination
2. Safe for Use in a Variety of Environments
3. Self Disinfec5ng Microbial Coating

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