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Dew point meter


Dew point meter

iScientific offers rental of dew point meter and temperature and humidity meters. Dew point meter and temperature & humidity meters are used to check indoor air quality measurements. Dew point meters measure the dew point temperature of an environment. The ‘dew point’ is the temperature at which air is saturated with water vapor, achieving 100% humidity; if further cooled, airborne vapor condenses into liquid, or dew.

Fluke 975 air meter: Features:
• Simultaneously measures, logs, and displays
temperature, humidity, CO2, and CO on a bright,
backlit LCD display
• One-touch air flow and velocity with
available probe*
• Wet bulb and dew point temperature
• % of outside air calculation
• CO2 and CO field calibration feature
• Self-test function at startup
• Auto-backlight
• Automatically compensates for barometric
pressure changes
• Min/Max/Average on all measured and
calculated readings

iScientific offers handheld dew point meter rentals and temperature and humidity meter rentals.

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