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DI Water System


DI Water System

iScientific offers small-scale Deionized Water Systems to industrial and commercial DI water systems and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. We can able to supply 10 Liters per hour to 500 Liters per hour DI Water.

We can offer the complete Water purification systems you need to produce ultra-pure water for your factory or facility, including EDI systems, reverse osmosis/deionization (RO/DI) systems, and replacement parts and tools.

Deionized water system also known as DI water system contain mixed bed or ion exchange resins to purify water. It is a resin-based water filtration to remove dissolved solids from the water. DI ion exchange resin attracts non-water ions and replaces them with water ions, producing pure water.


  • Electronics and semiconductor industry.
  • Hospitals, laboratories, and the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical factories
  • Schools and other institutions
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