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Fluke Ti20 Thermal Imager

Complete Thermal Imaging solution – The Ti20 Thermal Imager is packaged with all necessary accessories for professional Thermal Imaging and Thermography applications.



Ti20 Thermal Imager

IScientific Pte Ltd  offers Ti20 Thermal image camera for sale and rental at affordable prices in Singapore. The Ti20 Thermal Imager is packaged with all necessary accessories for professional Thermal Imaging and Thermography applications.

Breakthrough performance for industrial maintenance applications

Representing a price/performance breakthrough in thermal imaging, the Fluke Ti20 lowers the entry threshold for this powerful technology. Designed for industrial applications, the Ti20 puts the capabilities of thermal imaging within the hands of service and maintenance personnel who know the facility and equipment best.

Thermal imaging within your reach

Easy to use, thanks to one-handed “point-and-shoot” operation and intuitive on-screen guidance, the Ti20 Thermal Imager does not require specialist training to obtain accurate measurements. Just point at the target, focus the instrument, and it automatically adjusts the temperature range to show a crisp image. When the user pulls the trigger, the image and associated measurement data is stored. Through the software (included), key image parameters can be changed to optimize the image and extract maximum detail without going back to the factory floor.

Radiometric measurement – the ‘data behind the picture’

Fully radiometric thermal imagers capture and store calibrated temperature data for the matrix of thousands of points that make up a thermal image. This makes it possible to perform detailed analysis and change key parameters like emissivity or temperature range either in the field on the camera or in the office using the PC software.

The safe and easy way to identify problems and reduce unplanned down-time

  • Instantly provides non-contact temperature images to quickly determine hot spots
  • Fully radiometric for detailed temperature analysis and tracking of critical components
  • Complete solution with InsideIR software for analysis, reporting and routing
  • Large color LCD displays uncluttered image with data and routing instructions

High performance, designed for industrial use

  • Uses revolutionary detector technology to provide a clear thermal image while accurately measuring the temperature
  • Measures up to 350 °C (662 ºF) to cover a broad range of industrial applications
  • Protected against dust and moisture (IP54 rated) to withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Provides 3 hours continuous operation per battery charge

Easy to use

  • Fits comfortably in the hand thanks to weight-balanced design
  • Facilitates one-handed point-, shoot- and image capture operation
  • Assists fast inspections with clear on-screen step-by-step routing instructions

Complete solution offering lowest cost of ownership

  • Includes InsideIR software for unlimited use by every member of the maintenance team (no software license fees)
  • Comes complete with all necessary accessories and professional application training material to ensure a fast return on investment

Typical applications

Some typical application areas of the Ti20 are:

  • Electrical power distribution systems: Like three-phase systems, distribution panels, fuses, wiring and connections
  • Electro-mechanical equipment: Like motors, pumps, bearing and gear boxes
  • Process instrumentation: Like process control equipment, pipes, valves, steam traps and vessels
  • Facility maintenance: Like HVAC systems, buildings and roofs



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