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oxygen gas meter rental


Oxygen Gas Meter Rental

iScientific Pte Ltd offers Oxygen and other gas meter rental in Singapore. We offer MicroRAE 4 gas monitor for confined space gas monitoring to measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide CO, Hydrogen Sulphide H2S, and LEL.

MicroRAE 4 gas monitor for sale and rent

The MicroRAE portable, wireless, diffusion detector simultaneously monitors up to four gases, including hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2) and combustibles (LEL). You can able to see real-time gas readings, alarms, man-down status, compliance status, and other data from the gas detector — all from a remote location.

Real-time visibility on threats — with an exceptional level of wireless flexibility and ease of use. So, you can make faster, more informed decisions to improve safety and operations.

The MicroRAE has GPS capability for tracking the location of your workers. So you can immediately determine the location of an exposure and make critical decisions in the moment. With real-time monitoring and location tracking, you can plan the right response, protect your workers and prevent costly downtime.

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