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UV C Sterilizer unit


UV C Sterilizer unit

Iscientific Pte Ltd offers sale and rental of UV C Sterilizer unit comes with its 4 UV C tube with infra red sensing. Our UV C system is used to disinfect the hotel rooms, shopping malls, commercial office area, hospitals etc,. The specifications of the unit are as follows:

Technical Specification:

1.Tube Power: 30W

2.Number of tubes: 4

3. Application area: 60 m2

4. Voltage: 220V±10%,Frequency: 50HZ±10%

5. Input power: 180VA

6. UV Wavelength: 253.7nm

7. UV illumination: ≥428uW/cm2

8. Can use with 2 or 4 lamps with the machine

9. Lamps have side compartments for safe storage

10. you can adjust the lamp from 30-180°

11. Timer can be set to desired duration starting from 15 mins to 1440 mins

12. Auto-shut off feature is triggered when motion is detected. Sterilization automatically resumes once no further movement has been detected.

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