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Mold Cleaning Singapore

Mold Cleaning Singapore, Mold Removal Service – Mold remediation service – Mold cleanup,  mold removal company, Singapore. Iscientific Pte Ltd offers mold cleaning disinfection decontamination in singapore.


Mold Cleaning Singapore,  Mold remediation service, Mold cleanup,  Singapore.

Iscientific Pte Ltd offers mold cleaning disinfection decontamination in singapore. Mold is detectable by musty odor and signs of water damage on walls or ceiling, and can grow in moisture damage interior surfaces. Mold can grow behind walls, wallpaper or above ceiling tiles, fixtures and furniture, so it is essential to check for the presence of mold on the interior surfaces that is damp or the place where water leak has occurred.

Our company offers Mold Cleaning and Disinfection services to counter mold growth in high humidity areas.

Mold Decontamination:

It is essential to develop a moisture and mold remediation plan, which includes steps to identify and remove the source of the moisture, use of appropriate PPE, and procedures to contain and remove mold contaminated materials.

Visual inspection of the site is important to determine the extent of mold growth in a building. It is important to identify the extent of mold growth to establish the remediation plan. EPA and many other agencies establish their remediation action guidelines based on the extent of mold contamination.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The primary purpose of PPE is to prevent the inhalation of mold and mold spores and to prevent contact of mold with the eyes, ears or skin. The respiratory protection recommendation for the current scope of work is N95 mask. Additional PPE include “Full-body covering” to include full body disposable coveralls, head cover, eye protection, gloves, and safety boots.


  • The work area shall be solated from the occupied spaces.
  • Isolation of work area and containment Signs advising that mold remediation work is in progress shall be displayed at the entrances.
  • Maintain negative air pressure within work site utilizing HEPA Air Scrubbers
  • All the non-porous affected areas should be cleaned with disinfectant.

Training and Qualifications of Remediation Workers

The training of remediation workers will include as a minimum health effects of mold exposure, proper remedial procedures and protocol, proper disposal of mold contaminated material, engineering controls, and safe work procedures during mold remediation, containment, and PPE.

Post –Remediation Assessment and Clearance

Clearance Criteria For a remediation project to achieve clearance, the environmental consultant shall conduct a post-remediation assessment using visual, procedural, and analytical methods. The post remediation assessment shall be conducted while the containment is in place. The post remediation assessment shall determine whether:

  • The work area is free from all visible mold and moisture damage; and
  • All work has been completed in compliance with the remediation scope and remediation work plan and meets clearance criteria specified in the procedure.
  • Copies of photographs; and
  • A clear statement that the project has passed clearance.

Final Status Report

If the environmental consultant determines that remediation has been successful, the environmental consultant shall issue a written final status report to the client and to the remediation contractor.



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